Golf Gloves

This is the first and only glove that uses a special fish skin leather overlay on the palm and fingers. A snug, but not tight, fit is recommended. As you wear this glove, it will form the shape of your hand and loosten slightly. If used for golf, we feel it may take a few strokes off your game, with the improved grip it provides in both wet and dry conditions. Many types of fish skin leather have been tried, but only one is impervious to the oils of your skin and provides a superior grip - especially when used during wet conditions. Others will try to duplicate this glove with no success. Our secret is in the type of fish used, which, by the way, is not on the endangered species list. For best results, it is recommended that the fish leather be made moist before using.

Note: The gloves in stock were made for Asian markets. The sizing is somewhat smaller than for North American or European markets.

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