Golf Gloves

This is one of the newest and most exciting changes in the golf glove industry in over 40 years.

Fish Leather Golf GlovesWe market a golf glove that is the first and only glove made with fish skin leather on the palm and fingers. Fish skin leather is the second strongest leather known to man. It is very durable. So durable, in fact, that it outlasts conventional golf gloves.** The fish skin leather on the palm provides a superior grip when dry. If playing under wet conditions, the grip is greatly improved and wetting or dampening before playing is advised. The quality of leather used is so good the manufacturer believes the gloves are much stronger and better than synthetic or cabretta leather. Combined, this is a high quality glove that we are very proud to represent.

The golf gloves have been under development for four years. Many types of fish skin leather have been tried, but only one is impervious to the oils of your skin and strong enough for a golf glove. This is the first season the gloves will be entering the retail market.

We expect that one shop on the Canadian Professional Golfers Association will inventory the product this year. The glove is presently being tested with the Canadian Football League, with plans for the National Football League as well. The receivers can use all the help they can get in wet weather.

Improved grip is very important. For the novice golfer, it can help build the necessary confidence brought about by a good grip. Also, for those golfers that can't afford to regrip their clubs when they should, this glove will help the golfer to use worn and smooth grips.

Our gloves come in a handy, sturdy, reusable vinyl pouch, which is sealed in a similar fashion to a zip-lock bag.

The potential uses for our gloves extend beyond golf. Other glove wearing sports players in football, baseball or tennis will also benefit. Apart from sports, the gloves can also be used for driving, gardening and by people in wheelchairs. It can also be used by various police organizations to protect the hands. That is how strong this leather is.

In short, our gloves are top quality and very price competitive with any other leather offering.

** One individual testing these gloves is very impressed. Years ago he gave up using regular golf gloves as he would only get two games out of a golf glove and would then have to discard it. This man ended up using a glove used in baseball to golf with. At least that glove was able to outlast conventional golf gloves. He was asked to test the fish skin leather glove. Last count he had played 26 games and it is only now just starting to show stress at the seams.
The majority of golfers are not as tough on their gloves. For example, I have had one glove in use for two years with approximately 140 games. Another fellow has had a glove for one year and is at 75 games.