Technology For Sale

The development of the technology for removing the fish odor and scales during the tanning process required time and investment. Samples of the different types of finishes that can be made are shown on this website. We are equipped to assist in transferring our technology to your manufacturing location. This would include initial setup, operation and training by our key personnel.

We have added to our website offers of dried undyed crust. Mention your affiliation with a tannery, and we will waive the purchase price for one of these packages, charging only for the shipping.

As part of an agreement, we would like our existing inventory to be purchased, and will offer it at a price significantly lower than our per skin pricing in small quantities, in conjunction with the transfer of technology.

We have not sold our technology since the closing of our tannery, which was the result of the Kyoto protocol on atmospheric emissions, and we are interested in negotiating this. Contact us regarding your interest.